Alexander P. Seyranian

Ph.D, D.Sc, Chief Researcher

Institute of Mechanics,
Moscow State Lomonosov University,
Michurinsky pr. 1, 119192 Moscow, Russia

Phone: (7495) 939 2039
Fax: (7495) 939 0165, 939 2065

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My field of specialization are Stability Theory, Parametric Resonance, Gyroscopic Stabilization, Mechanics of Solids, Structural Optimization, Singularities and Bifurcations.

Current research interests and selected references:

  • Gyroscopic stabilizatoin

  • Mechanics of solids and structural optimization

  • Singularities and bifurcations

Collaboration with

  • Technical University of Denmark

  • Aalborg University, Denmark

  • Department of Engineering Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology, China

  • Technical University of Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro

  • Institute of Mechanics, Yerevan, Armenia

  • Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Systems, University of Tsukuba, Japan

  • University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy